Year 9 Medical Fair Trip

Some of our Year 9 students visited Canterbury Christ Church University at Medway on the 29th June 2022. The aim of this visit was to give students the opportunity to explore medical careers in a practical environment. Students took part in many activities across the day including: surgical simulation, A and E diagnosis, CPR practice and working in the stem cell laboratory. The day was supported by many medical professionals currently working within the field. Students also had the opportunity to speak with these professionals. The day was also supported by university ambassadors; these are students who are currently studying at the university. Students were able to talk to the ambassadors about their experiences so far at university. Once back at school, we discussed their thoughts on the day and where they would like to be post-Year 11. The majority of students rated the day 9/10 and said that it has helped them to focus on their future career choices.

The following students had a great tiime and were a credit to the school: Patrick Mullaney, Grace Filmer, Lily Barrett, Eleanor Paton, Summer McCann, Tenzin Sanderson, Faith Sesay, Phoebe Wheeler, Olivia White and Olivia Rolfe.