Towers Cheerleaders

Lily Large (Y7) has been cheerleading for six years and in April, competed with Mavericks Under 17 junior level 2 team at Summit, Orlando. Summit is the world championships for levels 1-4 and was held at the ESPN World Sports Centre. Mavericks were awarded the bid to compete at Summit last season and worked extremely hard for nine months to prepare for it.

Lily was the point flyer for the routine and did a fantastic job at Summit. Lily competes in both the youth level 1 and senior level 2 teams at Towers. We are all so proud of you Lily, what an incredible experience - well done!

The Towers Cheerleaders have had a very busy term. They have performed in front of very large crowds at both the Boughton Lees fayre and the Kennington fayre, performed for friends and family at the annual showcase and competed in Future Cheer’s Nationals Schools Out competition at the Bournemouth International Center. We took 3 cheer teams and 2 stunt teams to compete in Bournemouth, leaving the school at 5am. All teams performed incredibly well at the competition and were up against very tough competition this year. The results were:

Tiggers (youth level 1) - 1st out of 5 teams

Tigers (junior level 1) - 6th out of 13 teams

Tomcats (senior level 2) - 1st out of 5 teams

Tanzanite & Teal (stunt teams) - 1st place

Tomcats (senior level 2) were awarded Grand Champions for the second time for scoring the highest score out of the whole competition (across all divisions), an incredible achievement.

Another fantastic season for the Towers Cheerleaders. Bring on Season 11!