Proud Parents and Carers

We want to take the opportunity to say thank you to yourself, and all the staff who have worked with Naomi over the years. As her parents, we have seen her grow and flourish academically but more importantly as a person. The care you and other staff members have shown Naomi has been appreciated by us.

Mr. & Mrs. Lowden

We are so proud of our daughter, Lauren Aldridge (Year 7). She has worked so hard and has been trying at school when she finds it so difficult . I had a letter from Mr Billings saying she was getting an award for excellence in her school work and how hard she is trying. I've attached a photo as well.

Mrs. Aldridge

I am delighted and happy with the Principal and all the staff at Towers School for all the supports and extras support you have given to my daughter, Rahimot Folami, and son, Toyeeb Folami A big thank you to you all.

Ms. Kemi Folami

I am very proud of my son's (Logan Sacre Y7) attendance as there have been difficult times with him wanting to go into school. He has powered through it and stayed positive.

Ms. Grant

I just want to highlight how proud we are of Chloe [Breed, Y8] not just for settling in so well at Towersl and for all her achievement within this year, such as being involved within the library and most of all for her being a given the opportunity to run front of house for the drama department and back stage crew.

Mrs. Breed

Shiloh Villion is my daughter in Year 9. She was home-schooled for a long time but joined Towers and has just totally smashed every subject with almost 1’s across the board consistently. Mr Gardner is her teacher. A little message to her about ’smashing it’ would be wonderful.

Mr. Villion