Young Writers

In July, students entered a competition with the Young Writers. They had to submit 100-word horror stories under the theme of ‘Spine Chiller’. We are absolutely delighted to announce that 14 of our students have been chosen to be published as a result of this competition. The book will be published in December, just in time for Christmas. We are over the moon in the English department and even more #proudtobetowers! Have a read of them all below and enjoy!

A Dead House by Haydn Smith Y9

Standing in the deteriorated hallway, shafts of light pierced the darkness. Empty gun cartridges littered the floor, the walls peppered with bullet holes, the odd splatter of blood adding to the death scene. CREAK. Spinning around, cautiously peering for this friend or maybe a foe. Looking back, there were two glints emerging from the darkness, then the form was charging forwards, teeth bared. The leaping dog taking the form of a wolf showed no mercy as more blood splattered the walls. Blood, death and trauma telling so many words in silence.

What Are You Doing? by Ella-Marissa Leach Y9

“Stop it, please!” she screamed as the shadow figure got closer. Eventually, she reached a dead end but he didn’t, his path was everlasting. Her breathing sped up as he covered all light her eyes could offer. She shrivelled to the forest floor, screaming and crying and begging him to just leave her alone. He proceeded to stand over her like she was just a mere insect on the ground, like anyone would do to a bug, his foot rose higher as she continuously screamed, “help me please, he is going to kill me!” Suddenly, the forest fell silent.

The Beast by Evey Shearer Y9

Running through the mulch, her soles completely saturated and her breath running short, she came to a halt catching her breath behind an unfortunately small tree. The slowed growls of the unknown beast ravaging the woods behind her. Her dirt ridden face flushed as her breath once again quickened at the one fact she knew for certain. “This is where she would die.” The silent sobs that she had disregarded until now the thumps of its heavy feet faded into what sounded like distance for a moment she felt something that would not be expected. Hope. But she was wrong.

Collapse by Ciaran Wylie Y9

I feel nothing. Nothing but the dark tendrils of decay enveloping me in their crushing embrace. Pitch black plumes of toxic vapour cover my face, clouding my vision and poisoning every agonising breath. I stumble around in the shadowy void, desperately searching for any signs of life besides my own. I hear a scream. Five, eight? Too many to count. I use the last vestiges of my strength in a futile attempt to move towards them. Nothing. The screaming begins to quieten. The last of the oxygen left in my lungs escapes. I collapse… We all collapse.

Another Chance at Life…. by Gracie Hopper Y9

It was another day spent in hospital for Eileen Grant, an eighty year old cancer patient who loves crosswords and bread pudding. Next door lay an eight year old girl, Abby Beakon, who has been in a coma for months and no doctors could figure out why.

Suddenly, doctors and nurses come rushing into Eileen’s room, monitors beeping loudly. She worries and questions her doctor. But suddenly, she feels tired, until she can bare it no longer and had to close her eyes.

She wakes up, lights flickering and not even a scar. She wonders until she sits up, encased in the young body of Abby Beakon.

The bus stop by Amber May Y8

The screams. The killings. The hauntings. The…..

Bus stop.

On the 25th June 2009 a girl named T passed. She was my friend, the only one that was there for me. No one knew how she died, not even her parents. Now she roams the bus stop waiting to find her next victim.

Every night she apprehends her prey and chokes them with her bare hands. She has no face and a deathly gown worn on her boney body.

She haunts the houses on witches' walk and shows herself in their dreams.

This is the haunting of the bus stop.

Curiosity Kills… by Sienna Barham Y10

The lifeless trees suffocated the nebulous sky, causing not even the dismissed light from the stars above to peek through and the path left dull. Examining my surroundings, it seemed that the only visible light originated from the ominous residence that perched before me, mockingly. It felt as if the chilling home was judging me or perhaps warning me not to provoke it. A cold sting shot through my spine, causing me to cringe at the sudden change in temperature. Despite the fact the house looked terrifying, I was swayed by my ego to step forward onto the forsaken path. Hesitantly inching my feet closer and closer towards the ghostly building, a crack beneath my feet caused me to slightly jolt my body away from the sound, only to realise it was a harmless twig that had been fractured by my trembling foot .Rutting deer hallucinated into screams and groans , damp foliage and pollution shape shifted to the potent smell of death. My thoughts spiralled with unreasonable doubts. I settled at the conclusion that my curiosity would get me killed

A concerning reunion by Shiloh Villion Y9

After leaving my friends, I headed towards one of the few shops that were actually open. I was hungry and was tempted to buy something like a chocolate bar, when I saw a pale figure standing in one of the aisles. It reached out towards the shelf and seemed to grab something, but its hand was empty when it pulled back. When I stepped closer I realised: that was my dead brother. He turned his head, noticing me creeping at the end of the aisle. He started to stagger towards me with a furious glare.

“Home Alone” by Mia Spicer Y9

You are home alone, and you hear on the news about the profile of a murderer who is on the loose. You look out of the sliding glass doors to your backyard and you notice a man standing out in the snow. He fits the profile of the murderer exactly, and he is smiling at you…

You gulp, picking up the phone to your right and dial 999.

You look back at the glass as you press the phone to your ear, and notice he is much closer to you now.

You drop the phone in shock.

There are no footprints in the snow.

It's his reflection...

An Eerie Story… by Lola Kindell Y8

Who expected technology to take over the planet, not me nor you except people who experienced the calamitous event. Every time i recall it i get a quiver in my spine and an ominous feeling run through my body, like adrenaline but more unusual…

The horrifying image of my clueless eyes hovering next to my curtains and seeing a gargantuan chrome carapace charging through the miniature, crowded streets. Their green, sinister hypnotising eyes locked eyes with me and stared with belligerence; its mouth reclined and suddenly a sheet of flames projected at me I couldn't breathe… It wasn't the morbid heat I couldn't stand but instead the smoke that curled and crowded against my lungs, slowly suffocating me until my vision faded to complete darkness…

Don’t Blink by Louise Gadd Y10

Her eyes opened, its dark, she lay still, eyes blinking, then she hears something at the foot of her bed, a head and two eyes staring at her, her eyes blink, its moved, it's now on her bed, its wide eyes have no expression, body twisted and distorted, she tries to move but her body is frozen in fear, she blinks again, it's even closer now, its stare terrifying, heart pounding, eyes stinging, the need to blink unbearable, its sitting so close now, body shaking, it waits, motionless for the final move, thoughts racing "I cant.....I mustn't.......don't........blink!

Horror by Y8

I woke lying frozen in fear. I stood up trembling in exhaustion, wandering around the room, touching the wall . Suddenly a high pitched screeching noise came from behind. On my left, scratches making a smiling face appeared. I collapsed on the floor with horror as a grinning head popped out from the dark. Its smile reached up to its ears and dead white eyes. " skrit skrit", the sound of bones snapping in its neck as the head span ever so slowly… but when I stepped towards the creature, the worst horror was… I was looking into a mirror.

Welcome home… by Imani Owade Y9

A cool breeze swept through the town that I was living in, the fatigue from my last shift hanging at my eyelids.

The streets were empty as I strolled through the overcast park, I hurriedly made my way down the twisted cobblestone paths,the trees curving towards me.

It was several minutes later until I finally approached my house. I looked above to the second floor, the dark,clear windows reflecting in the moonlight, each one a mirror of another. Except one. Bright red writing glistened distinctly, my eyes traced the text in horror, my lips kissing at every word

‘Welcome home, Jeremy’ it read, but I live alone.

The figure… by Katie Woods Y8

She stood in the closet covering her mouth, stopping her heavy breathing.

The figure had walked past the room many times but never dared to step inside. He stopped. Was he going to enter? Her head filled to the brim with questions. The old, worn up bat dropped from his hand, it looked as if falling in slow-mo. Sienna saw this strange skinny shadow walking towards her.

Sienna's memories came flooding back, her stomach was going to explode. Her head had a pit of unwanted panic. Suddenly, she fell. The thud might attract the bloody handed beast. Will she survive?