Proud Parents

and Carers

I’d like to say just how proud I am of Nathan Petts, in Y9. Over the summer holidays, Nathan had the opportunity to walk over the O2 with myself and his Grandad. We are so incredibly proud! He did such an amazing job!

Mrs. Petts

I am so pleased with how my son has settled into Towers School. Callum feels comfortable and happy with his new school. He was worried about joining such a big school but his confidence has grown even more. Callum likes all his teachers which is so good for children. He also enjoys all the sports going on at school, being a good sportsman. His best subjects are Maths and History. Wishing him all the best as he continues to grow. A big thank you to all the teachers who have worked so hard to see that our children settle in well.

Ms. Armstrong

We are super proud of Ava Taylor-Burden (Y7) for smashing her audition for Ashford's Pantomime as well as adapting to her new school and managing to fit in 4 dance shows over September and October! She works hard and dreams big! She’s so busy, but we are so proud!

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor-Burden

Nathan Petts on top of the O2