National Poetry Day

This year's National Poetry Day was on 7th October. The theme this year was 'Choices' and the Poet Laureates have written lovely poetry with this in mind. They explore the choice to be happy, to celebrate beautiful souls and to letting go. Enjoy!

Joy by Lilia Stone (KS3 Poet Laureate)

It's there every new life.

It's there every birthday.

Every wedding, anniversary, engagement and party.

It's around us everyday.

Sometimes we see it, sometimes we don't.

One of our jobs as a citizen of the world is to spread this to all,

No matter who they are.

It will bring a smile,

So spread it often,

As it is contagious.

It's there when laughing, smiling and giggling.

It makes our lives that much better.

So outtake the sadness,

And intake the JOY.

What a Beautiful Soul by Lois Knight (KS4 Poet Laureate)

The song which is deeper than the waters of the sea,

The soul which is stronger than the weight of which no one can imagine,

What a beautiful soul!

The soul which loves,

The soul which cares,

What a beautiful soul!

The soul which makes merry, the soul which is happy,

The soul which promotes peace,

What a beautiful soul!

The song which makes the world go,

The soul which is always happy,

What a beautiful soul!

The Last Night by our KS5 Poet Laureate

The morning’s clear now,

I see the night that we have shed,

It's getting worse now,

The stories are spinning in my head.

We’re dripping further from the dusk as we lay in dread

My name once staggering from your teeth.

But, last night still blisters like our love which turned to cinders.

And now it's early in the morning,

The sun is no more than the discipline of satisfaction.

You made a choice; you broke us into a fraction.

I shake. I shake. I toss. I turn.

And I saw our love, once bright and prime, begin to rot and burn.

I felt your heartbeat pour in the fall of your smile,

Your games? They made me scream,

Like the child inside of me.

You made that choice.

I hope you will remember what you meant to me.