Young Writers

and Artists

On Thursday 19th May, Miss Kendal organised a celebration event in order to honour the young artists, poets and writers that have been published in the Towers School book. The evening began with a walkaround of the diverse and creative artwork. Published writers and artists then sat to sign autographs and this section of the evening ended with everyone enjoying some food and listening to our wonderful student musicians. Liam Storm and Charlie Wild played the guitar, Esther Parker and Josie Sivyer sang songs and played the piano. They all gave the event a sophisticated air. After this, everyone entered the Theatre to a lovely rendition of ‘Ave Maria’ being played on the trumpet by Sam Elderton. We had readings of poetry from each Poet Laureate. Lilia Stone (KS3 Poet Laureate) read her poem on being kind, Lois Knight (KS4 Poet Laureate) read her poem on Autumn and Phelan Godwick (KS5 Poet Laureate) read his poem on Remembrance. The Poet Laureates were phenomenal as always. Our next performance was Frankie Morrisey who wrote and performed her own song entitled ‘Best Worst Thing’. She took inspiration from the writers and it blew away the audience. What a talent Frankie has! The audience were then treated to two performances of poetry by heart. Year 7 students recited the poems ‘May 1915’ by Charlotte Mew and ‘Last Post’ by Carol Ann Duffy. Molly Wilson, Kurush Keeka, Mya Yarnell, Oliver King, Daisy Bishop, Heidi Turnbull, Lily Dawes, Eli Forbes, Olivia Hearn, Joe Hussell, Archie McKenzine, Kallie Spencer-Vile, Jessica Skinner, Ollie Peters, Chloe Headech, Oscar de Trafford, Lilia Stone, Scarlet Reeves-Newton, Caidence Walters, Lillie Scorer, Logan Norris, Madison Vaughan and Sophie Walsh all performed amazingly and should be so proud of themselves. Learning a poem by heart is no easy feat! We then had readings of stories from the Young Writers. Amber Kennedy, Suhana Limbu, Isaac Cregg and Lizzie Moir read out their brilliant and entertaining stories to amazing applause. Our penultimate act was Madie White, who blew the house down with her rendition of ‘Never Enough’. Another amazing singer with huge talent. Finally, our celebration ended with the Rotary Club giving out certificates to our district winners Lilia Stone, Lilly Pollard and James Milne. There was also another winner of the evening who not only stormed through the local and district heats but won in the national finals for photography. Sophie Chamberlain (Y8) was presented with a frame of her photograph and a promise of a trophy on its way.

It truly was a celebration of talent. From the banners made by the Calligraphy Club to the student technicians lighting the stage to the musicians to the writers to the artists, we are all very #proudtobetowers. It was a truly lovely evening. A huge thank you to Isabelle Piper and Shakira Hanson (both in Y10) for their perceptive photography of the event.