Poet Laureates

Happy Earth Day!

Every year, Earth Day is celebrated as a reminder to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life. The event was first celebrated in 1970, making this year the 52nd anniversary of annual celebrations. The Poet Laureates have created poetry in celebration of this day and they have pretty powerful messages behind them. Enjoy!

KS3 Poet Laureate - Lilia Stone

When you look out Your window and you see the Luscious green grass

And the flowers in the distance and the trees swaying in the wind

Do you want to take that away?

When the cars driving by are releasing harmful gases

And plastic is scurrying around on the floor

Is it worth it?

When switches can be made

Petrol diesel to electric

Plastic in the bin

Solar instead of oil

What is there to miss?

All play your part

Make a switch

Or even just put your rubbish in the bin

We all need to pull together to help our planet

We got it into this mess

We can get out of it.

KS4 Poet Laureate - Lois Knight

We all desire a world that works

Where the suffering, hunger and hurt all disappear,

We’re seeing the changes to our earth,

Faster than ever,

It’s here now and if we don’t act

It’ll be damaged forever.

We celebrate this day because

The earth is our home,

So blue and green,

Let's do our part and keep this world clean.

This Earth is full of life and passion,

Imagine what will happen if we don't take action.

We only get one chance,

And our earth is as fragile as glass,

So be the inspiration and save our planet,

That's all I ask.

KS5 Poet Laureate - Kyle Walshe

Sincerely, Artemis:

To the people who may read this.

You walk upon my greatest masterpiece,

Without care of the shrine in which your feet may grace.

You throw your filth and dirty waste around my blessing

Without thank but keep face

As you scowl and mock my creation,

This treasure I gave to you so fondly.

The ground you tear your toes into is far greater than the screen

You bleach your eyes with,

The world is much more than a new trend or so called dancer.

Glance outside the walls that keep you,

See what I have made specially for you.

Long before your time, i spent hours among brush and oil

Making the land you see before you the unique paradise

You so gruesomely ignore it.

It is selfish to ignore such beauty.

Beauty I made for you.

Trees and leaves of all the colours

Birds are tweeting, twotting and cooing

Cows are scrambling, trampling and mooing

The grass is greener outside the television screen

The flowers are hand painted, not by the photoshop or foolery,

By me.

The dogs are barking and tossing with sticks still swinging from their lips.

The bees are buzzing and battered in their hard labours works, pollen dripping from their fuzz tips

This heaven you refuse, is here to stay.

Heaven is here. Heaven is here.

Look outside, feel the glory of what I have spent so long to do.

Make this world a serendipitous home.

Just for you.

Sincerely, Artemis