Staff Poems for Y6

Transition time is nearly upon us and as a result the Poet Laureates wanted to ensure that our future Y7s felt as welcomed as possible. Not only did they produce wonderful poetry, they also ran a competition for Towers School staff to write their own poems of encouragement. We had poetry from a variety of faculties including Maths, Science, Music, MFL and support staff (as well as English, of course!) The KS3 Poet Laureate chose Mr. Ferguson’s poem as her winner and the KS4 Poet Laureate chose Mr. Demeter as their winner. We hope you enjoy reading them!

First Day by Rory Ferguson

Big leap.

From there to here.

And the muddled up mixture

Of excitement and fear

Is reason enough to wake up and think,

“Not today, mum!

How about next year?”

But what you’ll soon come to know,

As you find your feet,

Are the wonderful people and friends that you’ll meet.

You’ll get up to all sorts!

History, Science, Geography,

And English, of course.

So when you arrive,

On your first day at Towers,

Breathe in and realise,

“This moment is ours.”

I remember by Becky Saward

I remember being new,

new to area, new to home, new to school.

Trying to make new friendships at eleven, whilst negotiating established ones,

my old school could have fitted very neatly into the gym of my new one.

I remember, sitting waiting to find out what classes I would be in, like being picked for a team.

“Please, don’t, let, me, be, last.”

I remember school shows and the library and my favourite lessons being English and Music, bottle green skirts, socks and patent shoes.

I remember friendships and fallings out and falling back in

I remember being Mum watching my daughters start secondary school,

Filled with the same hopes and fears that my Mother must have had many years before.

I remember the concerns, will she make friends, will she be ok on the bus, will she get lost.

Will anyone see her potential, what she can become ?

I stand before you and I remember,

I remember,

I have walked this path before,

I’m here.

Welcome Year 7, I remember.

Asleep by Matthew Johnson

Ah, but asleep the body lies awaiting

Suspended in a gilded wicker cage

Patient as the moon. She is creating

A play without end, though she exit stage.

The cast in duty sing to overcome

Their lines demanded by the endless earth

Forgotten by the dove, Pearl and plumb

Hark, every death foretells another birth

Now the indifferent sun brings the day

The crowds disperse and clouds be on their way

The Great Unknown by Tim Parker

When I joined Year 7

It felt like heaven

No more silly small chairs

Walking ‘round the school

Feeling really small

Had to put up with their stares

“Look how cute they are”

“Look how small they are”

“I was never that small then”

So many new teachers

And all those diff’rent features

Are the toilets open?

No need to stress.

No need for distress.

We are here to help you.

Lots to remember

From 1st September

We’ll show you what to do.

So enjoy the year

There’s no need to fear

We’re pleased to have you here!

Shiny Shoes by Melissa Finnis

Shiny shoes and knee high socks

Lunch all made and in its box

The churling wurling inside my head

The excitement of the day ahead.

She gave a reassuring smile

I left the gate and walked my mile

The hustle bustle, ringing loud

Melodic tones within a crowd.

My fear subsided,

My friends appeared

The teacher called my name

Come, come, she said my dear

And so I upped and came

The lesson here is not to fear,

There is no doom or woe,

Enjoy your time and study hard,

Just watch how much you'll grow

The Path by Karen Antino

The path is smooth and narrow

Shared with smiling faces

Faces that have walked with me

Voices that echo my thoughts

Brightly coloured

Singing with me under foot

This path is my story

This path is my celebration

The path has stopped

Where is it going?

Haze clouds the way

Unknown thoughts fill me

Greys and blacks now

A different song is played

This path is my story

This path is my celebration

I take a breath

As I exhale

The haze clears

Bright colours fill the sky

New faces smile with me

Voices that cheer me on

A new song I create

A new path I walk.

Secondary by Tamas Demeter

When I went to secondary,

My pulse doubled at the entry.

Then I saw my Maths teacher,

And...what? eager.

This is not a fear of Lochness.

Years passed in pure happiness.

Now I see that first day back,

Not even turning my neck,

And I see I was silly,

Nothing can be too hilly.

Now I am teaching Maths,

Guiding your way on the path.

It’s not about me by Jennifer Keen

I see children every day

Smiles, laughing faces, cheeky grins,

A sulky pout, a sneaking smirk, confusion, comprehension

I see them all

So many emotions on faces, big and small

I see time. It’s like a superpower.

Time ticking tortuously, an hour that crawls, or five years that fly.

I see a cliche! (But hey, it’s true okay? Trust me)

And I see you

I see the baby that was held and adored.

Someone’s world, someone’s reason for being. My mission? Maybe.

I see a past. A right here right now. And a one day... possibly... keep going.

I see potential.

I hear a myriad of voices.

Sometimes a gentle swell like a choppy sea.

Sometimes a tidal wave of intimidating noise.

I hear a Shout! (What now?)

I hear so much, it can be hard to navigate the crowds.

But I hear you,

Your questions and queries and wonders and whys?

I hear you and I’m here for you.

For the good stuff: the days you are brilliant.

And the bad stuff: the times you think your voice is drowning in the noise.

I’ll listen. Your boat, steady in the sound.

But you’re the Captain, you know your soul. You’ll get there.

I hear your determination.

I sense a tumult of emotions

They swirl around me, light and bouncing, heavy and looming

Grey gloom, steely purpose, bright cheerfulness.

Clouds of feelings out there

And the darker clouds can obscure the clearer air

I can sense sadness, rain in the forecast, the coming storm.

But it always passes, I promise.

And the fun and laughter days get you through the tougher ones

Memories of rushing and running, lazing, daydreaming, dancing

These sustain you while the challenges shape you.

And I sense strength

Build your stores of happiness and hope, energy for darker times.

I sense someone who will shine.

I am watching, listening, feeling

Along with you all the time. I share in your successes, your triumphs

Taste your fears, your failure. When you fall it hurts.

I am along for the ride

Ups and downs, always by your side.

I am occasionally anxious, nervous for what might be. We’ll see…

But mostly I am awed. I am amazed. Every. Single. Day.

Honestly, I am inspired by you.

It’s funny to think that you could be something Big.

Something greater than me, to go on, after I’m gone.

To make a mark, that others will see, or hear, or experience.

And remember- positively, I hope!

I wonder if you’ll remember me, or if I’ll fade into obscurity?

It won’t matter of course, you’ll be busy being you.

So I am proud, just to be a part of this, now.