Tyler Barrett (Y11), novelist

Why did I write this book?

I have always loved writing and reading and, growing up, I would read books such as Percy Jackson and Harry Potter and I would fall in love with the story and the characters. It has always been a dream to be up there with some of my idols so in quarantine I got the idea of a book from a TV show and started thinking about scenarios and scenes. One thing happened and another and then another and that all lead to the story itself. The initial aim of the book was to always shine a light on the things that society or the public would usually sweep under the rug as an everyday occurrence and or invalid hence the name 'Censored'

What is the book about about?

Charli, the workaholic for her family's needs, is on her last and final warning otherwise she can no longer stay at school.

Thomas, the broken boy from his broken past, stands up to the bully Tyson Williams and his past remains not so secret.

Lexi, the artist worried about others' opinions, let's her sexuality define and limit her opportunities.

The three were forced together but ended staying at the sight of a dead body. Who shot this body? Who speaks their mind? Who gets censored? We will never tell you.