Ms. Snook's Charity Challenge

As a result of the pandemic, many charities have seen a huge decline in fundraising and donations. Maggie’s is one of these charities. They provide essential care and services to families hit by cancer. Because of and in the spirit of our values at Towers of being kind, I decided to take part in the "2000 Burpees in April" challenge. I managed to complete the majority of these in the Easter break but I will admit that what I thought would be a simple challenge was anything but. At one stage, I was managing 300 burpees at a time! At the beginning every inch of my body was hurting. It was at this time I had to remind myself of the pain these families were going through and the reason I had committed to the challenge in the first place. I raised £160 and if you would like to complete a challenge yourself or donate to Maggie's you can via this link: