"A huge well done to the following students for their ongoing contributions to science lessons. I'm very impressed. Keep up the good work!" Mrs Crovato

Y7: Jaime Abbott, Will Horton, Roberts Zemene, Lacie Matthews

Y8: Ava Comins, Eleanor Paton, Faith Sesay

Y9: Amy Burton and Connor Birchley.

Y10: Ethan Hall, Amy Mistry

Ms. Wright would like to congratulate Jessica Thundow in Y7. Jess did some extra work after a Science lesson on forces. She completed extra research of her own at home and compiled her research into an essay which covered Newton's discovery of forces and Newton's three laws of motion, amongst other questions, such as why gravity pulls objects to the ground. We are very proud of Jessica for her initiative and hard work in producing this piece of science work.

Mrs Crisp: "Just a short note to all students in Y11 who I have taught over the years. Happy memories of Transition and Conspiracy theories! It has been a privilege to have known you and, for some of you, even taught! I wish you much luck (deserved) with your exams and of course for the future. Best wishes in all that you hope and dream for."