Poet Laureates

Sunday 21st March was World Poetry Day. In order to celebrate and recognise, as the United Nations declares, 'one of humanity’s most treasured forms of cultural and linguistic expression and identity', the Poet Laureates were given the freedom of topic so that we could have an insight into the creative spirit of their minds. This is what they have produced. Enjoy!

KS3 Poet Laureate: Lois Knight

What if?

What if one little thing changes us?

Will we still be ourselves?

Will we know who we are then?

What if everything changes?

Will we be where we are now?

If everything changes,

What will we do?

What if things change

And we don’t know what to do?

Will I be okay?

What if?


You can say,

All your lies

But what you don’t know,

Is that you put on a poor disguise.

Your lies and promises are paper thin,

Easily broken like glass.

You think I'm easily deceived

But what you don’t know

Is that you put on a poor disguise.

You can say all your lies

But you have no idea

I despise them.

You think I’m a dog,

A little kid,

Easily tricked,

By your sweet words.

When will you finally see

That I know your real intentions.

You can say

All your lies

But what you don’t know,

Is that you put on a poor disguise.

When will you finally see?

KS4 Poet Laureate: Kyle Walshe


Breathe in, and out.

In. out. In. out. In. out,

The silence quakes, a shattering perception of relaxation,

Bludgeoning silence. Sour vexation.

The whaling of the lost, the pulverised desires.

The betrayal is around us.

Do not breathe in or out.

Don’t sin, don’t shout.

Less within, More without

Mercy, she slashed and she yielded

From the bleed of another crop of another harvest.

Sneezing out the cut-throat lies of admirable alternatives,

No sedative to alleviate the mass destruction.

From the concrete in our heads. No graceful paradigm.

The smoke that licks at our lungs and cautiously poisons

Our morals and our reasons,

To keep on going.

Relax, there's no need to be sombre

Replay the memories you wish to remember

Relapse the nightmares you wish to forget

Reload your winning smile, and shoot them dead.

The tongue of Vexation trickles down your spine,

Take another deep breath and seize to target

Your solidarity,

The feeling of being lost is yet to Perish,

So much is yet to decay inside its décor.

Stare deep in the soul and cry out the moral


Take another deep breath.


In and out.

Breathe in. Just breathe in.

Stay calm, you are braver than you believe.

Breathe out.