Guess the Member of Staff (Answers)

Here are the answers to last issue's "Guess the Member of Staff" competition. How well did you do?

  1. I am related to Joe Biden, the new President of the United States of America. MISS KENDALL

  2. I can clap with one hand. MR. CAMPBELL

  3. I prefer 2 wheels! MRS. BARRETT-AUSTIN

  4. I enjoy music and can play the piano, the saxophone, and a little bit of guitar. I also like to sing, but I don't do any of these things in public because I'm quite a shy person. MRS. PEGG

  5. I played rugby for Wasps. MRS. ADAMS

  6. I grow coral at home and I like to travel. MR. CLARKE

  7. When I lived in Denmark, I played in a local volleyball team and I was on Danish TV dressed as a Bedouin and holding a camel by the reins. I was also once mistaken for the actor Anthony Edwards at Heathrow Airport." MR. PARKER

  8. I love to go paddle boarding, I have a dog called Frankie, my favourite song is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, I play the Piano and Sing." MISS SAWARD

  9. I used to be a roving reporter for a local radio station." MRS. EPPS

  10. I once swam the channel crossing (over a month in my local pool)." MRS. PENDLETON

  11. I speak five European languages and have lived in three countries. The language I teach now is neither my native or my first language." MRS. HILL

  12. I have represented England in the USA, Italy and Spain in Baton Twirling." MRS. MACLEAN

  13. I went on tour with Take That. MR. GAYGAN

  14. I was once in charge of providing security for the Queen. MR. PEREIRA

  15. I like to eat cake while playing Minecraft . Favourite animal is a polar bear and I like heavy metal music. MRS. MCKIE

  16. I am recognised by my hair and the face covering I wear. MRS. JONES

  17. I have sung backing vocals for Elton John. MR. JOHNSON

  18. I love playing netball. One of my favourite places to go on holiday is America. I have two children. I love Haribo Starmix and Nutella! MRS. OLIVER

  19. The louder the better. MR. SANDERSON - ref. his motorbike!)

  20. I competed in the 2014 World Bog-snorkelling Championships and I have run 3 marathons in the last 8 years. MR. STEVENS

  21. My first job when I was 14 was worm picking. It was on a worm farm and you would have to pick worms out of the dirt and get £5 per kilo of worms collected. The worms were then sold to companies to break down rubbish and food. This is called worm composting. MRS. HAWKES

  22. I was at Graceland (Elvis' home) for my 30th birthday. MR. HURREN

  23. I was a semi-pro basketball player, I have over 20 tattoos, I have a hammock in my front room and I binge horror movies, especially about ghosts and demons. MRS. CROVATO

  24. I once participated in a Native American sweat lodge ceremony which involved sitting in a very hot and smoky tent and chanting for two hours. I loved it. MISS RICHMOND