Towers Alumni

Ellie Pilcher (2006-2013)

I'm Ellie Pilcher, a previous student of Towers School from 2006-2013. I'm getting in touch as I'm a Marketing Manager at HarperCollins UK, but I've also recently become a published author in my own right with Hachette UK. My debut novel, What Planet Can I Blame This On?, came out in early June and I'm reaching out as I would love to give back to the school that fostered my creative side, by offering talks, workshops, assemblies, to discuss career options after school/sixth form, creative careers, writing fiction, following your dreams etc. I was very involved in English and Performing Arts whilst I was at Towers.

Some background on my journey: I was at Towers from 2006 and continued into the Sixth Form taking A Levels in French, History, English Literature, and Drama. I went on to study History and Creative Writing at the University of Hertfordshire before starting my career in publishing in 2016. I was the youngest marketing manager at HarperCollins - hired at 23 years old after two years in the industry - and I got a literary agent at 24 years and was published at 25 years old. Alongside my publishing/writing career, I'm also a freelance journalist, blogger, and public speaker with by-lines in The Telegraph, Glamour, Huffington Post etc. During my time at Towers I won the Work Experience Award, multiple Drama/English awards and was heavily involved in Performing Arts. You can visit my website by clicking the image below.