Proud Parents and Carers

We asked our parents and carers to let us know how proud they are of their young people here at Towers.

I am very happy to be a mother of my child Rahimot Folami, Y10. She became a school prefect after less than a year in Towers and I am so proud of her and all the teachers, principals, year heads made me proud too. God blessed Towers.

Mrs. Folami

I would like to let you know how proud I am of my son Dylan Plumpton, Y9. I am so proud of how he has just become a big brother again to my youngest son. With the age gap of nearly 14 years between them, Dylan has adapted to being the hero big brother to his younger siblings, including helping with his 9 year old sister, Sadie and even more so with his newborn brother, Charlie. He has been patient with the night feeds. Hopefully, he hasn’t been woken up a lot or disturbed. He is generally helping his mum with the tasks around the house, the garden and with the pets and is being the best big brother that Charlie and Sadie could ever ask for. He has done so well. I am so proud of him and thank you for your help with Dylan. It is truly appreciated.

Miss Schweizer

Shyla-Jayde Holland (Y7) does her very best to help her very poorly mother when she can. She makes me so proud every single day helping with her siblings, dinner and sometimes even cooking. She really is. She works hard all of the time bless her and she makes me so proud every day.

Miss Danielle McDonald

I am very proud of my Cassie May (Y7), who joined Y7 in September. With all this lockdown, she has proven me wrong again and has adopted to a different routine to normal and has grown into a lovely young adult. Mum and Dad are so proud of you, Cassie-May !

Mrs. Weatherill

I would like to say that, after a very tough year of obstacles, lockdowns and personal difficulties, I am very proud of my daughter, Dominique Owen-Nicol (Y9). Dominique, you are a tough cookie with all that you have gone through and are going through. You are very loyal and caring of others and I want you to know that, not only are you a special person, but also I am so proud of you with all the hard work and effort you have tried to do this year with your school work. Love you. Mum

Mrs. Owen-Nichol

I am writing in to say how proud I am of my daughter Lily Parris in Y8. She has been trying her best returning to school after lockdown. She is slowly strengthening friendship bonds and getting on so well attending school! I want her to know how much her family are so proud of her trying new things and we love her lots!!! Keep going Lily, you’re doing fab x

Miss Parris

My daughter Ellie is in Y7 but I would just like to suggest a big ‘shout out’ to ALL YEAR 7s who left primary school abruptly in March with no real goodbyes or closure and started secondary nervous and apprehensive with no solid transition. They’ve adapted and coped incredibly well with many lessons being held remotely. They haven’t had much of an opportunity to find their way and meet new friends from other schools so I think they deserve a real pat on the back for their strength and resilience. Many thanks.

Mrs. Dines

I would like to mention my son, Kieran Jenkins, Y8. Whilst in town, with his brother, Kieran came across a homeless person. Understanding that he is in a very privileged position in comparison, Kieran chose to give the person the rest of his money so he could buy himself a hot drink and something to eat. On coming home, Kieran told me what he had done and said that he wanted to help someone less fortunate. A very nice kind & warm hearted gesture.

Mrs. Hare

Here is the message from Sienna pither's (Y10) mum: "Sienna I am eternally proud of the way you have worked during such a difficult period. You have been self-driven and hardworking, a skill set which will set you up for life! I truly believe that lockdown has helped you learn skills that some adults still do not have, such as being self-motivated and driven! You have grown on a personal level and continue to be a funny, kind and genuine person! Well done xxx. Lots of love mum and dad x"

Mrs. Pithers

I am nominating my son Lewis Glendinning in Y10 because he has made us so very proud. During the lockdown period he has seen his granddad go into hospital with Covid, who thankfully was OK. He supported me during this worrying time whilst putting his own concerns to one side. He also heard that a member of our extended family died and supported family members like a very mature young adult. Whilst home-schooling through this crazy time he has been patient with me whilst I'm working from home and has just got on with his school work with no fuss. He has even asked to learn about our business so it may help him with his business studies. He has really coped well with everything but has always still showed so much love and support for everyone else too. He has continued to play football for Bromley Green, has been at every training session and matches and been a real team player. He also spotted a stray kitten that had run down into a drain and called the fire brigade that tried to save it. Unfortunately it was gone but after waiting around with the fire brigade for 4 hours, lifting manholes and such we caught the mother cat and got it picked up by a cat rescue sanctuary. I just really think he deserves a mention as he is the most selfless boy I know and puts others first without causing any fuss. He just gets on with things.

Mrs. Glendinning