Jess Howard Y8

Jessica Howard (Y8) is having trials with Kent Football. If this goes well, she could go as far as representing England at a professional level! She has also worked very hard throughout the year outside of school to get this achievement with a lot of weekends dedicated to her club, where she plays with girls who are mostly 2 years her senior. This is an excelled sporting achievement. Well done, Jess. This is what jess had to say:

"I played in the junior premier league national cup finals against Crystal Palace. They were a good experience for everyone. We got a coach up to the match. It was really nice and was good to have some fun before the match. Once we got there we had to change in the changing rooms and then we went to do our warm up. It was a very close game but Crystal Palace scored a few late goals, leading them to the win. Unfortunately, Crystal Palace had the pace advantage so, every time we played a through ball, one of there defenders would come and cut it out or stop one of our players from getting it. They are a very good team and have done so well throughout the season but, for our first ever season as a team, it is an accomplishment to get to the finals and play such a team like Crystal Palace."