Year 12 Sport Students

Congratulations to our Y12 Sport students who recently finished their Sports Coaching unit as part of their Level 3 Sport Qualification. The 6th form students have spent the last six weeks coaching Y7 students during their core PE lessons. They have been fantastic role models to our younger students and should be very proud of themselves. Well done.

Pictured from right to left:

Katie Bowden, Willow MacKenzie, Holly Bott, Alfie Richardson, Charlie Ward, Kieron Elliot, Samuel Haddleton and Luke Blanford.

We had so many students nominated by their PE teacher for the End of Year School Awards that we wanted to identify those students who made the final short list. A big congratulations to these students, along with those who have been nominated by their teacher for an end of year, individual shout-out!

Year 7

Award Finalists:

Lily-Rose O’Brien, Holly Bell, Phoebe Cowley, Jude Manuel

Congratulations to the following students:

George Wright, Charlie Ransley, Hattie Rouse, Ruby McDade, Ronnie Chappell & Phoebe Crowley. The listed students have been continuously answering questions to a high standard. They have started to link ideas and sports together, which is amazing! Practically these students are also outstanding and have applied themselves to all tasks set amazingly!

Lily-Rose O’Brien, Ela Yalcin, Lydia Hover, Ethan Hennesey, Kye Stagg and Jack Woodward, have all demonstrated enthusiasm, resilience and leadership.

Holly Bell, Samuel Cleaver and Ollie Waters consistently arrive to lessons demonstrating keen enthusiasm. All three have progressed in a variety of ways, including their leadership skills.

Grace Drury, Jude Manuel and Aidan Whitmore have consistently been the best version of themselves in PE. Their effort, enthusiasm and positive attitude have all contributed to them becoming positive sporting role models to others within their class. Well done.

Year 8

Award Finalists:

Erin Wilson, Olivia Rolfe, Saffia Hoadley, Rosie Steele, Lola Heaver,Jayden Bains, Alex Anusievici

Congratulations to the following:

Jibril Chapanga, Sophia Woodward, Joshua Ojedokun, Lola Heaver, Sophie Hill, Olivia Rolfe, Alex Anusievici and Ethan Bowman have all done exceptionally well in PE, not only making excellent progress, but also consistently arriving to lessons with great attitudes and work ethics.

Edward Heyburn, Erin Wilson and Charlie Archer have been able to apply themselves practically to the wide range of sports and activities we have completed. These students always volunteer answers to the questions asked and are always able to offer really high level answers.

Saffia Hoadley, Amber Kennedy, Esther Parker, Paige Thompson, Kameron Duggan have all shown great resilience and leadership this year, becoming positive role models to others within the class. Well done.

Year 9

Award Finalists:

Jade Howland, Josh Cleaver, Liam Woodham, Shakira Hanson, Ben Clarke.

Congratulations to the following:

Ben Clarke, Ryan Simon, Tiausha Blackburn practically shine within lessons.

Amber Howland, Shakira Hanson, Charlie Brown, Kyle Bains, Josh Cleaver, Harry Barham, & April Mackay regularly demonstrate fantastic leadership skills and behaviours. These students have flourished and are superb role models for their peers and the Towers School community.

Liam Woodham, Amelia Woodward, Noah Seadon, Chloe Jarvis, Josh O’Brien, Matilda Smith and Jess Goodger have made outstanding progress in their sports leadership course. They have shown amazing leadership skills as well as great determination throughout the course!

Year 10

Award Finalists:

Jess Wood, James Wood, Jacob Kennedy, Jasmine Espley, Jessica Jeffery,

Congratulations to the following:

Olivia Foreman, Jessica Jeffery, Izzy Spinks and Jess Wood have consistently arrived to their PE lessons with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. They are always striving to be the best version of themselves and have been positive role models to students within their year group. Well done.


A big congratulations to the students below for their outstanding achievements in Football recently. We are so incredibly proud of you all. The following students have been successfully accepted onto the Kent Schools FA county teams: Joshua Cleaver Y9, Kaelyn Ransley Y8 and Charlie Ransley Y7.

The students below have been successfully been accepted onto the Ashford District Schools teams:

Year 7: Charlie Ransley, Jaylen Koduah, Samuel Cleaver and Oliver Waters

Year 8: Kaelyn Ransley , Lois Potter, Lily Barrett, Olivia Rolfe, Rosie Steele, Alfie Avery, James Tiplady and Harry Varnals-Smith

Year 9: Joshua Cleaver, Freddie Oldrey, Kyle Bains and Joshua O’Brien

Year 10: Tom Scamp