Well done to the following for their excellent work and effort in English this year and trying their best.

Y7: William Horton, Jude Manuel, Roxy Lodge

Y8: Amber Kennedy (who has achieved the number one spot, out of the whole year, for the last couple of assessments. That is a huge achievement!), Eva-May Stone, Louise Moorey, Shiloh Villion, Eleanor Paton, Haydn Smith, Mia Miller, Imani Owade, Phoenix Renton, Mia Young

Y9: Lois Knight, Pebbles Ruddock, April Mackay, Brooke Law, Freya Kitney, Joshua Cleaver, Evie Harper, Joshua O'Brien, Savannah Clare, Tehillah Ijeh, Sophie Alldis

Y10: Kingsley Howe, Kayla McCarton, Yara Belzelga

The following Y10s did really well in their End-of-Year assessments

Language: Jess Batson, Nicole Alonso D'Avila, Nathan Quartermain, Olivia Foreman, Sienna Pithers, Chloe Halliday, Aidan Branch, Nina Laurent, Savannah O'Dowling, Jacob Kennedy.

Literature: Sophie Shorter, Luke Louth, Shannon Mitchell, Nicole Alonso D'Avila, Jacob Kennedy, Cerys Shilling, Holly Crouch, Jasmine Espley, Shay Samba, Lea Awujoola