Poet Laureates

Chinese New Year: The Year of the Tiger

As you may know, February 1st marked the beginning of celebrations for Chinese New Year. We move from the Year of the Ox to the Year of the Tiger. Tigers are renowned for being competitive, self-confident, brave, wilful and strong. The Poet Laureates have written poems in honour of this festival. We hope you enjoy them! Here is to the Year of the Tiger and being strong throughout.

Lilia Stone - KS3 Poet Laureate

Red and orange stripes quickly flashes by

The deer’s soft fur is the colour of grey.

On one side, the tiger, not so shy

When on the other is the whimpering prey.

The reeds rustle slightly,

The rabbit backs away.

For the tiger this happens nightly

But it’s the deer’s first time today.

The tiger’s arching back, ready to pounce

The deer stands frozen like ice.

The tiger looks for an easy trounce

The deer stands frozen, blinks twice.

The tiger caught the deer.

The prey flat on the floor

The tiger had no fear

Instead, it celebrated with it’s roar.

KS4 Poet Laureate: The Year of the Tiger

It's Chinese New Year and there is an unwritten story to complete

Time for a change, to be brave and to renew

There are lots of wishes on repeat,

Hoping that they will come true.

Banners go up and start flying,

Announcing the New Year.

The bands start playing,

People start dancing. Singing. Swaying.

So take me into the New Year,

The year of the Tiger:

Be brave, be playful, be fearless.

Make all happy with your promises of luck and life,

Let's jump up and cheer,

Because it's Chinese New Year!

KS5 Poet Laureate: Lanterns on the Long Grass

Hold your head to the long grass

Watch each strand quiver in motion

See their stems shimmer from the flame-spoke glass

Deep within the field of trust

Don’t blink to miss such a sight

Of nature’s delicacy sweep swiftly through

Wind and so like a performance of a lifetime

The stripes of a sovereign future

Twinkling and treasuring the time we had

I watch those lights breathe far and vast

The newly lit wicks almost stripped to the bone

I remember the heart of my lover I used to own.

So tender and brave, swaying like a hesitant target.

But now I stand here

Among lights of the past

And chant to myself that a New Year

Has come upon these sparks of a lifetime

A lantern for each soul, as they soar.

And now I stand here

Your candle lost and grey

I remember what our year would have

If the lantern with your heart

Stayed bright and glad

Rest well my love

A new year, to you, to us

To a newly ignited love.