Gardening Club

Throughout the last few terms, Mrs. Gregory and Miss Perry have been working tirelessly clearing and organising the community garden for the school. We still have a lot to do but are working with our Garden Clubbers to prepare the garden to be open in the summer. Our priority for the garden is to be able to offer a safe space for students and staff to use in the time that they need it most to reflect, but also as a fully operational allotment to grow an assortment of produce. Students will be able to learn how to cook and produce meals using the fruit and vegetables grown within the garden as we will be using Carters restaurant on Wednesdays, when the weather is not appropriate, to use the garden. We also have a community pond that has been created by our science technician, Mr. Kadachum, so that lots of different subjects across the school can be involved with what we are trying to create for everyone.

Next term it will be all hands on deck to get our school community garden ready for the spring and summer. If this is something you are interested in, there is a Gardening Club that runs on a Wednesday after school in DA2 with Mrs Gregory and Miss Perry.

The Gardening Club is also in need of equipment. If anyone has the following that wouldn't mind donating, please bring it to Main Reception.

  • trowels

  • spades

  • gardening gloves

  • seeds/seedlings/cuttings

  • plants

  • secateurs

  • pots

  • soil bags/compost.

  • knee pads