Fantastic Work

A huge shout-out to the following students who are doing extremely well in school. They have been nominated by their teacher.

Business Studies

For working extremely hard and demonstrating an inspiring passion for business by completing a detailed business plan for their coursework: Y11 Leah Birchley, Jessica Andrews, Elizabeth Agrell, Alfie Richards, Aimee Williams, Holly Middleton and Samal Thapa


Exceptional effort and achievement in Dance:

Y7: Isabelle Kingsley, Joshua Simoes Hussain, Luke Hooper, Kaitlyn Grieves, Peyton Osborne, Frankie Suckley-Smith, Ava Taylor-Burden, Daisy Bishop, Philip Predescu; Y8: Fynn Barnes, Jessica Buckley; Y9: Gracie Gentry, Gracie Hopper, Jess Howard, Shalie Dyson, Mia Miller, Lois Potter, Daisy Sadler, Lola Heaver, Sophia Woodward, Sophie Hill, Chloe Merrett, Kaitlyn Griffiths-Read, Mia Young, Kaylee Burnett, Flo Hemstead, Olivia Rolfe; Y10: Jessica Goodger, Carrie Collins, Mia Wady, Chloe Pease, Ava Thomas, Jessica Nash, Amelia Woodward; Y11: Shannon Kingston-Correia, Molly Grove, Nina Laurent, Madison Smith, Kayla McCarton; Y12: Olivia Fasoli, Allannah Pooley, Maddie Thompson, Brooke Pucknell; Y13: Charlotte Robertson, Arabella Reynolds, Mia Bush


The following students have been nominated by their English teacher as standing out and going that extra mile in lessons and in their writing/reading. They have worked super hard to achieve this and are a credit to the school.: Y11: Lauren Jarvis, Holly Crouch, Rahimot Falomi, Olivia Foreman, Drew McGregor, Lizzie Moir, Lacey Harris, Liam Stokes, Emily Linford, Jake Skegg; Y10: James Young, Ben Austin, Natasha Stokes, Clarisse Butelle, George Chambers, Lily Owen, Alvina Gurung, Tiausha Blackburn, Archer Roberts, Amber Howland, Red Sullivan, Matilda Smith; Y9: Penny Williams, Ella Leach, Katie Edmonds, Louise Moorey, Imani Owade, Haydn Smith, Alex Weller, Lola Heaver, David Perkins, Mia Spicer, Liv Rolfe, Alex Anusievici; Y8: Maggie McQuillan, Jonathan Heaver, Jess Thundow, April Crouch, George Deverson, Holly Bell; Y7: Dylan Swaffer, Jayden Musuka, Jamie Adams, Teyhan Gilden, Blake Robins, Lexi Macanally


For making great improvement this year: Y10 Connor Benchley, Y8 Tilly-Grace Charles, Y11 Demi Hancock

For consistently high quality work: Y11 Sophie Shorter, Scarlett Murphy, Madison Burgess, Alana Sheather, Molly Grove, Aidan Branch, Alex Allen, Grace Shoubridge, Chelsey Carpenter, Patience Charlie, Phoebe Newcombe; Y10 Jonathan Benson, Kacper Kadzierski, Ava Thomas, Lois Knight, Patricia Muleya, Amelia Pemble-Ford; Y9 Harry Beaney, Adam Bott, Finn Bresnahan, Harry Burchett, Oli Buxton, George Crockford, Anthony Denby-Perry, Grace Filmer, Flo Hemstead, Gracie Hopper, Jess Howard, Ella Leach, Violet Maxted, Phoenix Renton, Haydn Smith, Eva-May Stone, Kadie Taylor, Phoebe Wheeler, Penny Williams, Mia Young, Y8 Fynn Barnes, Daisy Brasington, Chloe Breed, Leah Butcher, Bianca Cretu, Maddison Drummond, Saskar Gurung, Lydia Lee, William Horton, Jessica Thundow, Ela Yalcin.

Hospitality and Catering

Leon Jenkins Y13 has completed his level 2 catering NVQ and is starting his level 3. Georgia Williamson Y13 has completed her level 2 NVQ catering and is starting the world of work.

Religious Studies

For continually trying their best and offering excellent contributions to class discussions: Y7 Leo Jonker

For bringing up really relevant points in class discussion and listening closely to others: Y8 Charlie Burley