In January, each Year 7 and 8 student received a fantastic free reading book through Bookbuzz which is supported by the Book Trust. Our book lovers chose from 17 great titles, ranging from the spine-tingling ghost story, The Haunting of Avaline Jones to the time-travelling adventures of young gamers in Wonderscape. Also on offer was Slick, an intriguing science-fiction story, Animal Antics, an hilarious collection of animal photos guaranteed to entertain, and funny graphic cartoon stories; there was something for everyone.

Your Book Trust

Book Trust aims to encourage a love of reading and offers exciting recommendations to keep that passion burning. On the Book Trust website, there are some excellent recommendations for further reading. Simply go to the Book Trust website, ‘Books and reading’ tab, click on ‘our recommendations’ and you will find tiles for ‘ what to read after’ – great for choosing the next series or novel and ‘themed booklists’ to discover more novels in your favourite genre. Wishing you happy reading !