It is far too easy at the moment to allow modern life to make us all become a bit too comfortable. Our commute is just a few steps away, our daily interactions come at a click of a mouse and personally, there are far more trips to the kitchen for that extra cup of tea and biscuit!

It’s fair to say that now, more than ever, it is so important to schedule in some time to look after ourselves, physically, mentally and socially. Participating in regular exercise is just a small step that we can all take to feeling and becoming a better version of ourselves.

Finding the motivation to do this, however, can be difficult to say the least. There are many reasons we tell ourselves to not get off the sofa or to move away from the computer screen: we’re tired, we’ve had a busy day, we’ve got more important things to do. I too fall into this trap at times. It’s just all too easy and comfortable. But then I remind myself that ‘a reason is not an excuse’ and, actually, there is nothing more important than your own well-being and becoming a better version of yourself doesn’t just benefit yourself.

As with all things that appear difficult, our students are rising to this challenge and we wanted to say a big well-done to each and every one of them. We are so impressed with all of our students who are incorporating physical activity into their daily routine. Whether this be a daily walk with family members or a fitness workout in their living room, our students continue to strive to become better versions of themselves, sometimes without even realising it. May our students continue to inspire and motivate us daily to become better visions of ourselves too. With spring around the corner and the days becoming lighter, we hope this might become a little easier for us all in the upcoming weeks.

Mrs Giles

Faculty Lead of Physical Education

#proudtobetowers #areasonisnotanexcuse