World Kindness Day

Saturday, 13th November was World Kindness Day. In order to recognise this important day and all of our efforts to be kinder to one another, the Poet Laureates created poetry in order to encourage and celebrate this.

Kindness is Sweeter by Lilia Stone (KS3 Poet Laureate)

A hi-five, a hug, a hello

Can make the biggest difference

When someone’s feeling low

When they’re sad, lonely or having a bad day

Just go over to them and ask

“Are you okay?”

Kindness doesn't just have to be given to someone in the dumps

Everyone will need a bit of it

Whether you’re sad happy or in a grump

Kindness can be given to everyone

Every time you are kind,

You will feel good.

No matter where you are, there will always be kindness to find,

However, sometimes you're the one feeling sad .

So allow someone else,

To stop you from feeling bad.

So, now all I can say,

Is when you see someone who would like some kindness,

Don't be shy to go walk their way,

And do something to make them feel better.

Try to do to this often and it will make you feel good as well,

And when more people are happy it makes life that much sweeter.

The Moth at My Window by our KS5 Poet Laureate

The wind will blow and the rain will patter,

The ash will fall and the glass will shatter

To the touch of their furry wing on the bruised beaten window.

Words still burning amongst the sky,

Your eyes may fall blank and shoulders heavy,

Beyond the horizon only stand ghouls with white powdered eyes.

Staring. Staring. Like the beast you keep hearing.

“Come down below and you will see

For what I plan a fate to you, from me.”

It will try to sink your halo.

Cage your dreams and force your song to scream.

But No one can ever take your dreams.

And While those teeth drip fine in shame

Tender with ignorance at the mention of its name.

Find the light that lies within

Those wings of cotton come singing and swooping,

Wide eyes of ebony admiring your self-motive.

Your neglect towards such perceived creatures.

A bittersweet plague deep in disguise

Just a bundle of fluff you may say,

An abstract attempt to swoon both night and day.

But the moth knows not of night and day.

Just tunes to the words what the beast does say.

Their shields blanket your innocence as the beast still cries.

Eyes open wide, Darkness and light brought together in one

Snuggled up close in the warmth of your chest.

Those delicate eyes bring broadened smiles and jovial festivity

As that wondrous beauty stole a bounty from the beast.

They fuzz and nuzzle in the hope you will see

That Love, Kindness, Empathy,

Silence the beast and his lurking, hungered jealousy

One day it’ll see.

Spread your wings and fly away

Free like pages in the wind,

Your tale is yet to be told

Your song is yet to be sung

Your heart is yet to be spoken!

We’re the authors of our lives.

Life is yours and yours to teach.

Flourish through your chapters.

The story is yet to begin. Your window is soon to shatter.

The sun is soon to rise.

Rise above your hatred.

With a blessed smile, your sacred wings are soon to fly.