If you are looking for a place where learning is made fun, look no further because the STEM Club in the Towers provides the answer.

This year, the club has been oversubscribed. Students have fun while learning in a relatively ‘relaxed’ atmosphere. The students learn to work in teams, collaborating and working with one another to solve challenging problems. The students develop lifelong and transferable skills, such as communication, that go a long way to make them desirable employees to potential employers. Below are some of the pictures from the STEM Club. If you are interested in joining the STEM club, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Freeman (


Lilia Stone (Y7) and Madison Vaughan (Y&) have built and programmed a robot using the EV3 Lego Mindstorm application. They have made a lot of progress and now get their robot to make exciting moves.


Megan Sibley(Y7), Katie Whiteley (Y7), Lils Large (Y7), James Mansfield (Y7). Toby Stapleton(Y7) and Callum Bean (Y7) have investigated how to grow crystals from materials. They have been having a lot of fun in the process.