Proud Parents and Carers

We are very proud of how Lewis Stamp (Y7) has got on so well here at the Towers School. He has settled in so well and we’re so, so proud. Keep up the good work.

Mum & Dad

I would like to include my son George Wright (Y8). He is a very passionate football player who is not only representing his Year 8 team but has also been selected to play for Year 9 as well. As parents, we are beyond proud with his footballing achievements stemming the past 7 years but to represent his school in two age groups is a fantastic achievement. Good luck to all the boys in all the football teams!

Mr. and Mrs. Wright

I would like to say I am so very very proud of my daughter Maggie Phillips (Y7). She has received many STAR awards and her report was excellent. After a harsh last two years at her primary school, it’s is so heart-warming to see Maggie happy and loving life.

Miss Phillips

I am the proud parent of Hallie Watts in Year 7. Hallie has only attended Towers for a few months and the tenacity she has shown and continues to show in completing her homework and revising her past work evenings and weekends is amazing. Each day she tells us about another achievement from that day, whether it's being top of her class in a test or winning at the class maths challenges. We are so proud of all that she is achieving.

Mrs. Watts

What a delight it is to see our daughter Mary Nash in Year 10 taking her education and conduct in school seriously. It is reassuring to see her wake early and eager to meet friends and get to school on time, never wanting to miss a day or be late. It is a credit to her and I can only hope that she continues to enjoy school, well done Mary.

Mr. and Mrs. Nash

I would like to give recognition to Sebastian Reeves-Newton (Y7) and Logan Reeves-Newton (Y9). They have been through so much these past few weeks and they have both shown such strength and resilience. The loss of their granny has had such an impact on them as she was such a big influence on them both. I'm so proud of both of them .

Ms. Newton

As her dad I am so proud of Kahlan Boother's (Y7) results, even after starting a new school, moving house, getting used to bus journeys. A lot to take on and she still gave her best to give a high performance in school. Well done! Proud Dad moment.

Mr. Boother