Poet Laureates

This poem was written by our three poet laureates and will be read out by Mr. Billings on the last day of term.

Phoenixes by Lilia Stone, Lois Knight and our KS5 poet laureate

The year started dark and everything was dim

But again we rose and the spark of hope shone from within

This change affected everyone

But as we fought hard we had almost won

The vaccine had come, a light in the dark

And the hope we started with was no longer just a spark

We came back to school

But there were some new rules

Teachers moved classrooms and shuffled around

But that didn't mean we were feeling down

We still pushed on as a school together

To make it through this time whether,

That meant we needed a mask

Or move slightly apart in class

As we come to the end of the year

We embark on our festive cheer

We remember all we have gone through

How we worked together and championed each other too

The challenges, achievements, everything we faced

2022 will be easier, positivity laced

And watch as our spark turns into a fire

Towers School’s phoenixes will rise and aspire.

Lilia Stone (KS3 Poet Laureate) has written a poem for the Litter Angels campaign that Damian Green (Ashford’s MP) is running with the local primary schools. Damian Green loved Lilia’s poem so much he said the following:

Thank you so much for sending this to me—it’s great and really captures what the Litter Angels campaign is about. Congratulations and thanks to Lilia. I hope she carries on her love of poetry.

Apparently, her poem might be displayed in the local Mcdonalds next to the Litter Angels' poster which is exciting! Watch this space.

Litter by Lilia Stone (Towers School’s KS3 Poet Laureate)

You may think it's fine,

When you chuck your rubbish on the floor,

That it disappears from your thoughts,

But it's something much more.

It looks bad on the street,

Out of place at the shop.

Ugly on the road,

But still it doesn’t stop.

It is there every day,

Just sitting in the flowers.

Swaying in the wind,

for hours and hours.

It lies on the street,

Fooling animals for food.

Making it worse in the long run,

When it could have been renewed.

If you turn back time,

And put your rubbish in the bin,

There would be no litter,

And everyone would win.

Winter Poems

Lilia Stone ( KS3 Poet Laureate)

Slowly , gracefully, smoothly

The crystal white snow prepares itself

As the children come out

To throw snowballs around

The snow falls from the sky

As the wind tears it down

The sun covered in clouds

Makes the sky a dull grey

The comfort of warmth completely gone

Cold takes over

The sprucing holly from the branches

Stands bright and beautiful

The chirping robins fly around

As winter has flown in.

Lois Knight (KS4 Poet Laureate)

During winter

Leaves pass from sight

Frost appears just overnight,

And festive wreath's hang on every door.

It's the Christmas season!

Songs are sung

Baubles are placed one by one,

And cards come through the letterbox.

New Years Eve,

A day for family

A time to give thought to the past year,

Since the new one is so near.

KS5 Poet Laureate

To another year we wave goodbye

Such Brutish darkness under wild tides

No raft did hold our waves

Yet under these fragile seas

You stride in Ambition

To see the wealth of your Potential

In Golden coral

The tides fall to you not as your mistakes

In warm silk but

To lay witness to your shoals of luxury

Breathe full and know your

Efforts will reach silver coasts.

You are not over yet.

Feel fit in the fleet of such broken

This storm shall rain your thunder.