Congratulations to the following students for their hard work in English. All the students have worked hard in their classes, in increasing their homework scores and in their assessments. They have been consistently engaged and their work ethic and effort in English is unwavering.

Year 7 - Daniel Mackay, Kaitlin McCann, Joshua Greenwood, Teyhan Gilden and Dylan Swaffer

Year 8 - Joshua Antwi-Gyamfi, Molly Cox, Holly Bell, Jessica Thundow, George Deverson, Liam Sparkes and Rhys Trelawny

Year 9 - Esther Parker, Lochan Gurung, Amber Kennedy, Mia Miller, Louise Moorey, Alex Weller, Olivia White

Year 10 - Ben Austin, James Young, Lily Owen, William Meire, James Turner, Tiausha Blackburn, Glenda Amoako, Archie Watkins and Natasha Stokes

Year 11 - Alana Sheather, Nathan Quartermain, Luke Louth, Shannon Mitchell, Madie White