Christmas Lights Event

This year's Christmas Lights Event was by far bigger and better and more sparkly than last year! Instead of last year's drive-thru event, the Towers Prefects decided that we should walk through the school for this year's event so we could light up many more of the classrooms.

The school was decorated inside and out, with many teachers decorating their classrooms for our Christmas tree competition, won by Mrs MacLean's DR group, 11Gamma. On the night, the lights were switched on by our special guest, Father Christmas, who stayed throughout the evening to take photos with children and dance the night away to the wonderful Christmas music sung by our two Y11 students, Madie White and Frankie Morissey. Our Prefects served hot chocolate and mince pies for donations, as well as running a photobooth for everyone to take their photo as a memory for the night.

Our very own trumpeter, Sam Elderton (Y11), one of our Towers Prefects, played Christmas carols throughout the evening along with a studentt from Highworth School. We even had the Ashford pageant girls, Amelia Woodward (Y10) and Sophia Woodward (Y9), as well as the Ashford Pantomime crew, who stole the night with their fantastic costumes and outrageously silly behaviour!

We had so many wonderful people, both staff and students, who helped make the night what it was. Some stayed to help long past what was expected of them. A huge thank you goes to Theresa Avey who helped to organise the event with me as well as Gemma Oliver who kept me going and made all the hot chocolate for the night.

Finally, the Police Cadets, organised by Donna Shorter, volunteered their time to help with the parking and provided guidance as to where to go on the evening. We couldn't have done it without them!

Overall, we raised £328.23 for this year's charity, Porchlight. Thank you to everyone who came along. It was a wonderful Christmassy evening!