Towers Alumni

Emily Clawson

Once I left Towers School I went on to study fashion design at university. After 4 years there, I graduated in the summer of 2019 and decided I didn’t want to go down the normal route of looking for jobs in the industry.

I knew straight away that I needed to start my own fashion brand (which I had been dreaming about for years). After a year of setting up the business, I finally launched AUG Collective, an independent sustainable womenswear label for the girl that likes to steal ‘his’ clothes. Think oversized blazers and slouchy t-shirts! I run everything myself from my Kent-based studio, including sewing, packaging, customer service and social media! It’s a lot of work but I am really passionate about the clothing I make and the community I have built around my brand Plus, being my own boss isn’t too bad either!

Laura Brady

Since my time at Towers a lot as happened. I decided to get into agriculture so, after 6th Form, I joined a huge contracting company for the season to learn the basics, followed by a year's stint on a cotton farm in outback Australia. I then returned to the UK to complete a degree at Harper Adams University in agriculture and fresh produce production with accounting. Following that, I took a break travelled a lot and I still do every year in the winter, from Alaska to the Amazon, Vietnam to South America. I find great things are learnt from heading to strange places with your backpack.

Four years ago, at the age of 22, I started my own business, which is now in full swing. I grow unusual vegetables, herbs and plants that I've come across on my travels, as well as heritage and rare varieties of produce. I then sell these directly to the public, chefs, restaurants and farm shops across Kent and London. Last year I also installed a commercial kitchen so we can host events and supper clubs on the farm. I have been featured in several TV and magazine features, including Saturday Morning Kitchen and This Week On The Farm ( and hope, as we progress the business, to continue as an advocate for British farming.

Akilah Lawrence

After finishing Towers, I went to Canterbury College to do a foundation diploma. I completed that and did my 3 years in UCA Farnham and studied film production, specialising in video editing, cinematography and directing. While in my 3rd year, I started to reach out to some contacts I could help as I wanted to be a freelance creator. I graduated in 2018, wanted to join video agencies but nothing really grabbed me in those industries, so I worked for myself while working in others jobs, bar attending, marketing for business, I was a carer last year then became self-employed for 4 months. In 2020, I lost most of the jobs I’d normally be doing, festivals, live shows, projects with brands etc, so now I create visual content and also help music artist with their videos, as well as working within the NHS in the medical field as a technician dispenser. One of the reasons why I did this job was because my focus increases to stay sharp and to keep busy with intonation today to help others take medication properly and, when I was working in the care home, I was more interested in the medical side. Video editing and filming now is still going great as I get to be very selective with my clients and also help others.

Charlotte Oulton

From Towers, I went on to do a foundation year in Art & Design at the University for the Creative Arts and have stayed there to do my degree. I’m currently in the second year of my Illustration & Animation course. I left Towers with a vague idea of what I wanted to do but have since expanded my knowledge and skills. Now I am working towards a career in illustration, with the hopes of creating useful and education content for people with disabilities, while also working with people with disabilities and learning difficulties.