Remembrance Day

Suhana Limbu and Keegan Port, our Head Prefects also went to Kennington memorial and placed a wreath there for Remembrance Day.

Below are two poems from our Poet Laureates.

"Remembrance Day"

by Lois (KS3 Poet Laureate)

I do not know your name,

Nor for which battle you died.

I do not know your home,

Nor the tears that were cried.

I do not know where you rest,

Nor the promises broken.

I do not know your uniform

And your fears lay unspoken.

But, I know your spirit exists,

That your courage is admired,

And your sacrifice is honoured

By each soul that's inspired.

And I offer you from my heart

Thank you, to guardians unknown

For offering yourselves for us all

That we may keep freedom...

Our home

"You are Home"

by Kyle (KS4 Poet Laureate)

We remember the day you left,

Pride of a nation bundled in your chest and

The weight of a thousand cheering souls hanging off your shoulders.

We remember the day you left,

The ambitious fear of failure looming colder

On your skin.

The moment you left, I pulled the memories from my mind,

Seeing my little brother safe and young again,

Held in my arms no danger no fright,

I thought I could defend you for all.

Your eyes let no single tear fall

You saw not a gruesome sight.

We remember the day your letter arrived,

The seal was soft and the smudged ink dried.

Our mother's face felt heavy in mourning heat,

And our father’s eyes dreaded the nauseous defeat.

But no. You were strong, you were brave,

You would revive our country; we were yours to save.

We meet again. I stand above the sweating soil, icy water

Seeping into my shoes whilst my eyes are fixed on your cobblestone bed,

The blood on your blazer only drenching your flesh in

Desire to defend what you love. To defend our country.

We remember.

We remember you. We salute you. We admire you.

Your fatal imprisonment sold us freedom.

You are gone, but always present.

You are safe.

You are home.