Personal Achievements

Two of our Y11s, Cameron Wratten and Reuben Buss, have started their own blog, which can be found on Spotify ( and YouTube ( . Here are their reasons for creating this blog.

"The CM20 Podcast was created through an idea on a normal day, I was watching a podcast myself and thought wouldn’t it be great to create one, so I said to myself I’m going to make this amazing thing happen. I asked people if they would be interested in being part of an episode and featuring on the podcast and my best mate, Reuben, said he would love to be a part of it. We then decided to do a partnership and form it together and that’s where it all started, from a small idea made bigger: “The Podcast where we talk about absolutely anything- relevant and irrelevant”

PARENTAL ADVISORY: one mild expletive is used ("c**p").