Poet Laureates

Here are some wonderful poems from Lois, our KS3 poet laureate, and Kyle, our KS4 poet Laureate.

Poems to commemorate the renaming of the Towers Too building to the Turing building


Lois Knight (KS3 Poet Laureate)

'It is the people no one can imagine anything of

who do the things no one can imagine.'

Turing was a genius and Turing was a hero

But if I'm neither one, it does not make me zero

Alan Turing's pardon comes 60 years too late

Our country showed him no love then, just hate

By branding him a criminal, they sealed his fate

So excuse me if I choose not to celebrate

No mercy for a World War Two peacekeeper

Computer pioneer and top-secret code breaker

All this overshadowed by his sexuality

In 1952 he was convicted for homosexuality

"To fit the Times"

by Kyle (KS4 Poet Laureate)

To fit the times we roll the dice,

We cuff our sleeves, folded collars on shirts

Entering the gates through the cleanest dirts

Of a saturated education yet we scatter like mice.

To fit the times, there is a change,

Not the cuffs on our sleeves, not the ivory

Collars on our shirts. We have no added glory,

No added shame, just the change of a name

Not the bricks or building, the titled frame.

To fit the times, we welcome Turing,

No change to the cuffs on our sleeves or

The collars on our shirts, the ties on our necks or the lessons we bore.

The change of a name, no support in

Our future aspirations, just tilted italics in lavish appreciation.

To fit the times, we still roll the dice,

We still cuff our sleeves, we still collar our shirts.

We still enter the gates with swarming swirling serpents in the dirt.

Snipping and snapping our ankles, and still we run like mice.


"Let Christmas"

by Lois Knight (KS3 Poet Laureate)

Coming up to Christmas time

Buying for the family is a hard time

Coronavirus has slowed us down

And our spirits buried in the ground

This time of year things should be resurrected

For Jesus Christ was born

Don't let Christmas be a time to be stressed

Don't let Christmas be a time to overspend

Don't let Christmas be a time of no rest

Don't let Christmas be a time to ignore good friends

Let Christmas be a joyous time

Let Christmas be a relaxing and happy holiday

Let Christmas be sharing in these times

Let Christmas be an amazing day

“I hope you still know that I love you"

by Kyle (KS4 Poet Laureate)

Another year has passed, another year without you.

I continue to bribe my soul to go back for a final goodbye,

A final hug by the homely fireplace, a final smile from your aging lips.

A final dose of your wisdom, a final donation of your finest knowledge.

I don’t want immoderate plasters, i don’t want silver chains, I don’t want lies

Or childish make believe.

I don’t want materialistic tricks under that phony shrub. There’s a single

Scribble on my list. The list I left by the dusty fireplace.

Winter pounces on my cheeks as i drag my feet through fresh fallen flakes,

The coat you gave me still hanging at me shins,

I smell the sweet perfume of burning fruit cakes

From the neighbours you never liked, and think of all the fun we’d have,

The purest grins.

Each once lumbered branch now heavy in gentle

Woven silk, swept through copious servings of frost-bitten betrayals.

No life. No wonder. Yet to the corner of my eye I see a little

Feathered fool shivering at the edge of his branch with a pouted

Red breast and black beady eyes fixated on the fool in the long coat.

Your voice crosses my mind, your eyes in his.

I feel your hand touch my shoulder, it was like you were still here.

It was like you hadn’t been stolen. It was like you still had life.

He stares at me, I know you’re there. I know you’re here.

I know you’re gone, But love can never die.

The breeze seems to snatch my breath and my lips tremble with ache,

I called out for you, and the robin flourished in the boutique.

I can't help but smile at tribute. I know you’re far from the snow fall.

But your love will never leave.

I stare to the sky and I scream at the tips of my lungs, why were you stolen? Why weren’t you here?

Another year has passed. Another year without you. Another year

That I hope you still know that I love you.

Another year where I watch your wings shiver through the window and

Hold the purest grin. I know you’re there. And this Christmas,

I left my list by the homely fireplace, in smudged ink spoke:

I hope you still know that I love you.