Towers Together

December 2020

Issue 2

A message from the Principal

Goodness, what a term it has been! For all of us, it has been a fine balance between keeping everyone as safe as possible and trying to make sure we continue to move forward and that students continue to learn as much as possible.

Although it has all looked a little different, our staff have continued to deliver high quality lessons, an excellent curriculum and ensure students make the most of what is, still, their one chance at education. I would like to thank my staff for the lengths that they have gone to this term which have been unsurpassed.

Our students have adapted amazingly well and have worked hard, showing what reserves of strength and resilience they have. I also suspect that, having spent an extended period of time trying to keep on top of lessons remotely, out of their usual school routine, and away from friends, they were secretly (and sometimes not-so-secretly) delighted to be back. A special mention must go to our Year 11 students who have truly embodied their Class of 2021 motto of 'And still we rise' as well as our Year 7s who have settled in to the Towers family amazingly well.

My final mention goes to you, the parents and carers. Your support in the face of adversity has been amazing. The sheer force of your goodwill was truly embodied in the messages you have sent in. As part of our mission to Be kind. Be thankful. Be Towers. we offered you the chance to send a message to the staff and to offer donations for our reverse advent and were truly overwhelmed by your response to both. With thanks to you all and wishing you all a restful and safe Christmas.

Mr R Billings