World Book Day 2022

The KS3 and KS4 Poet Laureate have written poetry for this very exciting day. #welovebooks

Lilia Stone - KS3 Poet Laureate

Inside a book

There will be

people with endless opportunities

Inside a book

You will find

Places and kingdoms of every kind

Inside a book

As the pages turn

Villains rise and begin to concern

Inside a book

There is a hero wherever you look

You can share

All the knowledge you find in there

Inside a book

There is always a story waiting for you.

KS4 Poet Laureate - Lois Knight


They’re all over my room,

Three bookshelves full to the brim.

Stacked on my table-top and piled up on my floor.

I have my secret room that no one can see,

I can escape reality by going through the door.

I have sat there for hours reading books until dawn,

I can not go outside despite how much I’m told to sit on the lawn.

Life lies in my books,

Living the perfect life of which I can only but dream.

Her story is like a fairytale.

It's a life full of unexpected turns and twists,

In which, all of her problems turn into mist.

There's no way I can escape my problems so I hide in my fantasies,

I pretend to be with the fairies,

I pretend I live the life of a protagonist,

I pretend.

Please let me escape reality,

Please fantasies, hide me away,

Please imaginations, carry me away.

Let me pretend to fly away, far, far away…

KS5 Poet Laureate - Kyle Walshe

A Cannibal’s Confession

What would you say if I told you about the demise of a man?

Stuck in shackles in shambles yet lacking shame in the shimmer of his elder eyes.

He told the men who held his time in their fingers

The truth of his lies,

the mocking of their trade.

He never knew their names.

Their ears inside his belly with

Teeth cooking in his throat,

Warming flesh clothing his stomach lining.

The taste of the hunt still fresh on his jaw.

So much meat, he feared he may choke.

He never knew their names nor could recall

If not for the paged word

this man, nor grunt, would not be heard.

Without the word he’d spit his laughter in

Sickening delight as the brute of his bruises now stayed within

The skeleton of his meals.

But now we know the truth of sickness

Now we know the plague of knowledge.

Knowing what we do not wish we did.

We know.

We know.

Now, we all know.