Autism Acceptance Week

“Autism isn’t a disease that people should be made aware about. It's a difference that society should accommodate.”

This year, World Autism Acceptance Week is from 28 March to 3 April. This year you will notice a lot of changes, it is out with the puzzle piece and in with the infinity symbol. Also it is no longer light it up blue, it's red instead or the colour gold is used along with Au the chemical compound symbol.

Here are two poems on the theme of autism, one written by one of our Y8 students and the other by Miss Ireland.

ASC Positive Me by Lana Aziz (Y8)

I like time, time to think

But the tick, that tick makes me blink

Trying to concentrate and focus on you

But all this noise I cannot do

I pick up the pen to write this poem

Yet the feel of it is iffy

I put the pen down, my hands start to flap

My feet tap, and I feel the tingle.

Take control of the flap, before I can't stop

I need to leave, I'm overwhelmed and it's too much.

Reality hits me, and I'm back on track

My mind is clear, and I'm ready to go

The pen is in my hand, writing away

Observing my work, it's quite the best

My focus is unmatched, I’m in control

The writing stops, I'm finished all done,

Satisfied, I hand it in,

The comments I get make me proud,

It's quite the achievement they say out loud

My autism is a plus it won't hold me back,

It's a positive part and that's a fact.

Autism by Miss T Ireland

Teaching Assistant Thrive

Autism is not my weakness; it is a part of who I am.

The world is different; in ways you may not understand.

In a world that is plain and simple, I see fireworks of colour in my eyes.

I hear vibrations of noise so strong buildings shudder in the skies.

Be careful when you direct me, I will do exactly as you say.

Words are literal to me, there is no in-between. It is black and white, not grey.

I feel emotion so strong, I could burn like a flame.

Love, hate, happiness and sadness. Sometimes it all feels the same.

Words can be fluid like water so I fish out what I can find.

I try my best to keep up but sometimes I fall behind.

If I don't make eye contact, or talk straight away.

It doesn't mean I am not listening, or that I’m starting to stray

Ask me about my interests, my facts will swamp you like a large engulfing sea.

You will feel my strength of knowledge and how engaging I can be.

Take a moment to learn about me and understand my view.

See the world is full of differences and small changes that could be made by you.

Autism is my strength, my power. I see the world in a unique way.

With your help and support, I can see a brighter day.