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A welcome from the Principal

At Towers, we believe that our school is more than a set of buildings; we are truly a community. Our Towers Together newsletters offer us an opportunity to be able to share regular updates about all the fantastic things that happen in our school.

From this page, you will be able to access each issue as we publish. We'll let you know when each new edition is available.

We will be able to share pictures of student work, stories of individual and collective successes and exciting news from Towers students of the past. As part of the tradition started during lockdown, parents are also able to share stories about student successes outside school. If you'd like to submit a story or an idea, please use the submission button below.

Equally, if you'd like to give us any feedback to help us to make this even better, please feel free to add it via the feedback button.

Towers Together will be a permanent link from our school website so you can always find it!

Mr R Billings